Matador Waterproof Canisters - 密封多用铝盒 100ml

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    Product Details

    The Waterproof Travel Canisters are designed for organizing small items during transit. The durable aluminum construction keeps contents safe and dry. Pull the tab upwards to break the seal and easily remove the silicone lids. Perfect for pills, snacks, jewelry, headphones, and more.

    Product Features

    - Waterproof (IPX7 rated – can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes) - Lightweight aluminum bottom
    - Silicone cap with pull tab for easy opening
    - Food safe interior
    - BPA free
    - *Not intended for liquids  


    - Aluminum canister bottom with food safe interior 
    - Silicone lid made from food safe materials 
    - 56 grams 
    - 100ml capacity 
    - Comes in 1 pack 
    - 32.2 x 75mm diameter